Across Unstill Waters

The journey begins with Ben Stephenson at a crossroads yearning for opportunity and adventure West at the end of the Indian Wars, but another kind of war – one far more personal – could change his course and sideline his ambitions.

That Far Distant Country

Coming soon! The next installment in the Stephenson saga will take Ben and Lucy into the wilderness of Illinois territory where they face greater threats, both personal and in bringing a territory to statehood.

Ben’s Christmas Treasury

Christmas 1820, and Ben Stephenson is faced with a host of calamities between his position as banker, father, husband and friend. Celebrating a holiday in the midst of a bank collapse, a half-built house and an all too cheery community is not on Ben’s docket. But when some spritely visitors bend time and space to show him his errors, he is whisked away to tour history and holiday events as never seen before.

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Finalist for the Wishing Shelf Book Awards!
D.L. Andersen, author